VIVATECH 2023: Benin startups on an immersion trip with DTC Benin

Beninese digital entrepreneurs face numerous challenges due to a lack of resources and the economic situation in their country. The Digital Transformation Center (DTC) Benin will therefore enable seven of them to travel to VIVATECH 2023 – a startup and technology event that will take place in Paris from June 10 to 18. The main objective of this visit is to accelerate their growth by facilitating their access to a large network of investors and catalyzing their growth potential.

The selected entrepreneurs benefit from several exchange and preparation sessions prior to the VIVATECH exhibition. The Digital „Entrepreneurship component“ of the DTC Benin has set up an adapted support program that aims to allow selected entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in the French and European tech and digital scene. Exchange visits are planned at Station F, the largest European incubator, at Bond’innov, a support structure for digital entrepreneurship and at various successful start-ups in France. For Augustino AGBEMAVO, CEO of BookConect, one of the winners, “the immersion program at VIVATECH is a great opportunity for exchange and networking, but also for growth for the benefit of young start-ups” that will allow them to discover a more mature ecosystem and “interact with innovators from all over the world”.

The program of the visit to France also includes various exchanges with key players in innovation and startup financing. The purpose of these visits is to build the capacity of entrepreneurs, facilitate the development of partnerships and support their search for financing.

Beninese digital entrepreneurs face a multitude of challenges, the most important of which are access to finance and a wide network of partners and investors. The modest economic size of the country and the low media exposure of the sector do not allow an international influence of Beninese digital entrepreneurs.

The „Digital Entrepreneurship component“ of the Digital Transformation Center Benin conducted a study on the state of the digital ecosystem and digital entrepreneurship in this country. It serves as a basis and catalyst for the various actions identified with the actors and carried out by the center for the benefit of the ecosystem.

The seven selected startups come from the fintech, e-health, edtech, Enterprise Resource Planning, mobility and personal services sectors.