At a glance

More than sixty years after gaining independence, the Republic of Benin has evolved from a low-income country to a middle-income country. However, despite the economic and political efforts, the country still faces major challenges. Exemplary are the diversification of its economy or the development of a modern infrastructure. The majority of the labour force continues to work in agriculture, the country’s dominant sector.

Since 2016, the Beninese government has placed particular emphasis on promoting innovation in the private sector and the digital transformation of the administration. This is reflected in the creation of new structures and institutions, the further development of regulatory frameworks for the promotion of innovation and digital entrepreneurship, as well as the country’s participation and active involvement in relevant regional initiatives such as Smart Africa. In order to sustainably anchor such approaches and ensure the development of an innovative ecosystem throughout the country, there is still a need for better access to financing, greater dissemination of digital skills and more networking opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Our approach

The Digital Transformation Center in Benin offers a holistic approach to the further development of the government’s digital agenda by focusing on three components and priority areas:

Concrete activities in these priority areas are planned and implemented complementarily and collaboratively with other GIZ activities such as projects promoting development of the private sector or vocational trainings. The aim is to build local competencies in the field of digital transformation in line with the needs and potentials of the partner country to ensure a sustainable outcome of the intervention and to guarantee the partner’s autonomy.



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