Political Initiatives

The Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda can only be achieved with real leaps forward in development – and digital transformation can form the foundation for this. In the “BMZ 2030” reform concept, digitization is therefore an initiative topic and has a special priority in German development cooperation projects.

Dedicated political initiatives will drive the digital transformation within the five pillars of the BMZ Digital Strategy: Work, Local Innovations, Equal Opportunities, Good Governance and Human Rights, Data for Development.

Each of the political initiative aims to demonstrate how digitization can make development cooperation more effective and better meet the needs of people in partner countries. To this end, we are in close exchange with our international partners, learn from each other, and strive to work collaboratively. Because better digital responses to global challenges can only emerge from joint efforts and success stories.

From fair working conditions in the gig economy to digital centers as hubs for local innovation to digital model platforms for ICT building blocks – the flagship projects represent various key topics: A focus on key technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence is present, as well as alignment with ever more relevant topics such as cybersecurity, fair access to the Internet, pandemic control or the use of data for evidence-based policy.

Learn more about the various political initiatives here on our Toolkit Digitalisierung: