Vietnam faces complex development challenges in overcoming the middle-income trap, implementing the energy, transition, mitigating and adapting to climate change, as well as solving other environmental issues. At the same time, the country is recording considerable socio-economic progress, particularly the economy is booming, currently being the second fastest-growing market in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. Vietnam is among the top 10 countries with the highest number of smartphones, counting 71.5 million smartphones in use. The high level of social acceptance is a unique opportunity for the Digital Transformation Center Vietnam to accelerate the digital transformation in the country in a participatory, people-centric and sustainable manner. Nevertheless, digital transformation risks digital divide and sustainability issues such as high resource consumption, unfair working conditions, and responsible investment in new technologies must also be addressed. The Digital Transformation Center Vietnam therefore focuses on digital entrepreneurship, the digital economy and government advice.

Our approach

To enable Vietnam to effectively leverage digital technologies to overcome the local environmental, social and economic challenges, the Digital Transformation Center develops approaches in three focus areas, leveraging synergies with the existing German development cooperation portfolio:

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