At a glance

In 2018, the Indonesian Ministry of Industry presented the “Making Indonesia 4.0” master plan, which provides an initial policy framework for Indonesia’s digital transformation. The plan was endorsed by the Ministry of National Development Planning as one of six new priorities to strengthen the country’s development. In recent years, a young and dynamic digital tech scene has emerged in the country’s metropolitan areas and especially in Jakarta. Marginalized groups and rural populations however are often still excluded from the benefits of the “new economy.” Digitalisation and innovation offer new potential to sustainably transform Indonesia’s economy and ensure that people from disadvantaged regions also benefit from the country’s dynamic development.

Our approach

The Digital Transformation Center Indonesia offers an overarching approach to further the development of the government’s digital agenda with its two focus areas of “digital entrepreneurship” and “e-government”. Concrete activities in both thematic areas are planned and implemented complementarily and in cooperation with other GIZ projects such as the online learning platform atingi as well as projects from the area of private sector development. Other relevant sectors, such as climate & energy as well as environmental and forest protection, are also considered in the development of concrete projects in the module “green digital transformation”. The aim is to build local competencies in line with the needs and potentials of the partner country in order to promote a sustainable, self-determined and human-centric digital transformation.

Further information