Revolutionizing Indonesia’s Energy Landscape: SEERI, a Renewable Energy Adoption with Cutting-Edge Technology

Bali leading the way as the first area for SEERI implementation

A 23% share of renewable energies by 2025 – that is Indonesia’s ambitious goal. The SEERI (Solar Energy Estimator for Rooftop in Indonesia) project is an important step in this process.

In early October, the Digital Transformation Center Indonesia brought together the Ministry of National Development Planning (PPN/Bappenas), the Directorate of Electricity, Telecommunications, and Informatics, GSMA and GIZ Indonesia to introduce the joint project SEERI (Solar Energy Estimator for Rooftop in Indonesia). SEERI is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-powered web-based platform designed to revolutionize the use of renewable energy, specifically rooftop Photovoltaic (PV) systems in Indonesia.

The project is tailored to boost awareness and encourage the adoption of renewable energy, particularly rooftop PV, among key stakeholders, including policymakers. Leveraging cutting-edge digital technology, SEERI is capable of mapping the potential, economic feasibility, environmental implications, and investment requirements for rooftop PV installations in specific areas across the country.

For its maiden voyage, Bali Province has been chosen as the pilot region for SEERI’s implementation, with full support from the Bali Provincial Government and the Center of Excellence Community Based Renewable Energy (CORE) Udayana.

“SEERI is one of our commitments to the utilization of renewable energy and supporting Indonesia’s green economy and the implementation of Digital Transformation activities. We believe SEERI can be a support in achieving the 23% share of renewable energy in the national energy mix by 2025 and Indonesia’s net zero emissions by 2060.”

Andianto Haryoko, Coordinator of the Ecosystem and ICT Utilization at the Directorate of Electricity, Telecommunications, and Informatics, Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas

Commencing in November 2022, SEERI activities will act as a bridge to fill knowledge gaps and promote the adoption of eco-friendly energy solutions. SEERI employs satellite imagery as its primary data source and harnesses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to estimate and analyze the potential of rooftop PV, along with its economic and environmental benefits.

Ida Bagus Setiawan - Andianto Haryoko - Daniel Schroeder

“SEERI activities demonstrate that digital transformation and renewable energy can be integrated and have a positive impact on society. SEERI is made possible through cross-institutional and cross-sector collaboration. We believe collaboration is an essential element in achieving common goals.”

Daniel Schroeder, Head of DTC Indonesia, GIZ Indonesia

The growing demand for renewable energy in Indonesia, with a specific focus on rooftop PV, is being met by SEERI. This choice is attributed to its ease of installation and maintenance, coupled with its substantial energy-producing potential. By harnessing digital transformation, SEERI aims to further explore the possibilities offered by rooftop PV, thereby enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of renewable energy for the public.

“We are honored to be chosen as the first pilot area. This is a great opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the potential of rooftop PV in the Bali Province and how to turn that potential into a benefit for the community. We hope SEERI will yield positive results and open up more opportunities for the renewable energy industry in Indonesia.”

Ida Bagus Setiawan, Head of the Department of Labor and Mineral Resources Energy (ESDM) for the Bali Province

The launch of SEERI represents a significant step forward in Indonesia’s journey towards achieving its renewable energy targets and advancing its green economy, with Bali leading the way as a model for future success in sustainable energy adoption.

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