Expertise France

At a glance

Expertise France is the public French agency for international technical assistance. Its goal is to contribute to sustainable development on the basis of solidarity and inclusion. The focus is on improving public policy in the partner countries. Expertise France designs and implements cooperation projects that promote knowledge transfer between specialists. The agency supports the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the Agenda 2030 in line with the development policy of the European Union and the French policy of cooperation and development aid.

In action

Expertise France is part of the Digital4Development(D4D) hub – the network of like-minded D4D EU member states and the European Commission. The hub is looking to support the European D4D agenda by promoting the #TeamEurope approach. Specifically, this means using the existing European D4D expertise and working closely together with European technology companies – for instance, as part of the D4D coalition. The hub is an open platform that integrates European, African and, in a second step, global partners for digital transformation.

#Team Europe initiatives

The African European Digital Innovation Bridge (AEDIB) is a joint partnership for promoting digital entrepreneurship. After all, entrepreneurs are the driving force behind a sustainable and integrative digital transformation on both continents and are a fundamental requirement for establishing a resilient and diverse digital economy after the pandemic.

The IDEA D4D hub project pursues an interdisciplinary approach to strengthen cooperation in the digital ecosystem. The project is focussed on four African countries in which it is aiming to drive a digital transformation, focussed on people, at a national, regional and transcontinental level (Africa-Europe).

Europes Digital for Development (D4D)

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