Vaccination in Malawi (GIZ)

DIPC is funded by the German Federal ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and implemented in Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi through GIZ in collaboration with DigitalSquare/- Path and the local governments. The project seeks to integrate digital solutions at scale to support pandemic control, with a focus on vaccine logistics. 

Background on Malawi

Malawi has made significant strides in developing its digital health strategy, with relevant achievements such as the implementation of a national electronic medical record system, the roll-out of a national data center, and the establishment of a national health information system. These developments have been made possible through a range of activities, including the strengthening of the country’s health information system architecture, the training of health workers in digital health skills, and the establishment of partnerships with various stakeholders to support the implementation and sustainability of digital health solutions. 
Malawi’s digital health system still faces significant challenges such as inadequate infrastructure, limited funding, the need for more digital literacy among healthcare workers and the population in general, as well as better coordination of digital health investments to increase efficiency. However, the country is committed to addressing these challenges by implementing initiatives such as expanding internet connectivity and investing in training for health workers to enhance the use of digital health tools, ultimately working towards a more effective and sustainable digital health system. 
In addition, the Ministry of Health (MoH) has developed the (Health Service Strategic Plan (HSSP) III with an implementation period from 2023 to 2030. The HSSP III adopts the health sector reforms including the implementation of the “One Plan, One Budget, One M&E” arrangement. This arrangement seeks to consolidate and harmonize implementation plans and investments in specific focus areas within the health sector, including Digital Health. Therefore, in this regard all Digital health stakeholders compile, share and consolidate their respective plans and budget, to feed into the “One plan, One Budget” framework.