Certificates for Green IT

Through digitalization, technology is getting more and more intertwined with our daily professional and personal lives. As a result, electronic waste is becoming harder to avoid. To reduce negative consequences, we should opt for environmentally friendly and sustainable IT hardware and software. International and national ecolabels help us to make an informed decision which technology to acquire based on ecological soundness. Each ecolabel differs in criteria as well as product categories.

Blue Angel

  • German Ecolabel for a wide range of products, including non-IT products, for more than 40 years
  • Suitable for procuring eco-friendly IT products (hardware and software)
  • Product categories include Data Centers, Computers and Keyboards, Printers and Multifunction Devices, Software Products, Servers, Mobile phones
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Energy Star

    • Program run by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 30 years, mainly for IT products
    • Suitable for procuring energy efficient IT hardware
    • Green IT product categories include Data Center Storage, Servers, network equipment, Computers, Monitors (Full list)


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TCO Certified  

  • Certification founded by the Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees 30 years ago for IT products
  • Suitable for procuring IT hardware
  • Product categories include Displays, Notebooks, Smartphones, Headsets, Desktops, Network Equipment, Data Storage, Servers
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  • Ecolabel founded and managed by the Global Electronics Council 16 years ago for products and services in the technology sector
  • Rating of products (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
  • Suitable for procuring eco-friendly IT products and for comparisons between products
  • Product categories include Computers and displays, Mobile phones, Network equipment, Servers
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EU Ecolabel

  • Ecolabel founded by the European Union 30 years ago for a variety of products and services
  • Suitable for procuring eco-friendly IT products
  • Product categories include include Electronic displays
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