Scaling Toolkit: amplifying impact of digital innovations worldwide

© Visual Design Sonja Lorenz

Digital innovations are constantly redefining the boundaries of what is possible and, therefore, bring with them many challenges: it is important for organisations to scale impactful solutions and bring about positive change on a global level a scaling toolkit is designed to help with this. With the Scaling Toolkit, a healthcare organisation, for example, can scale a digital health monitoring system, adapt it to the local language, and integrate it seamlessly into existing infrastructure. 

The Scaling Toolkit is a resource hub that can be applied to various projects and is designed to help organisations navigate the complicated process of scaling up the impact of digital solutions. It is based on practical examples, such as digital green innovation initiatives, and provides concrete tools and templates to guide practitioners through the iterative process of scaling digital innovations. 

When scaling digital solutions, technical factors and risks must be taken into account. To facilitate the scaling process, the toolkit can provide guidance and support to practitioners on how to scale successful digital innovations by integrating them locally, regionally, or globally in international cooperation. By doing so, digital solutions can achieve relevant and sustainable impact at scale. 

The official launch of the Scaling Toolkit is on 15 April 2024.