At a glance

With the emergence of the internet and the massive introduction of digital technologies during the 2000’s, Morocco’s digital transformation took off and has adopted several national programs to enable digital development since then. In 2012, Morocco developed its National Digital Strategy entitled “Morocco Numeric 2013”. This plan has created significant development momentum, including the introduction of e-governance services.

Today, Morocco is steadily among Africa’s five economic leaders and trendsetters. Ultimately, Morocco’s objective is to position its nation as a strong African digital hub. This implies strong investments in the implementation of the necessary infrastructure, policies and reglementary framework, skills as well as mindsets for this important shift. Aware of the journey still needed to reach this vision and based on an evaluation of past programs and the definition of the country’s priorities, Morocco has devised an ambitious digital transformation strategy, called “Digital Morocco 2025” framing digitalization as a strategic lever for development. In order to bring this plan to reality, it has created a strategic public institution under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and The Green and Digital Economy in 2019 – l’Agence de Développement du Digital (ADD) – with the mission to implement Morocco’s national plan with the following key focus areas for the new roadmap:

  1. Improving the quality of public services – through the digital transformation of the Moroccan administration into a Smart Government.
  2. Improving the productivity and competitiveness of the national economy – through the strengthening of the Digital Ecosystem and Innovation.
  3. Reducing social inequalities due to digital disparities between the digitally connected population in large cities and the rural population in landlocked areas, with the outlined goal to advance Social Inclusion and Human Development through new technologies.

Our approach

The creation of the Moroccan Digital Transformation Center is making an important contribution to the implementation of the BMZ digital strategy in the MENA region and beyond. Through the existing German development cooperation projects, such as in the areas of Industry 4.0 and entrepreneurship, and in line with the Moroccan Digital Development Agency (ADD) goals, the first activities of the Digital Transformation Center in Morocco focus on the promotion of start-ups and digital entrepreneurship, fostering strong local innovation ecosystems and strengthening key digital skills of the Moroccan citizens.


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