• 19/03/2024

Using data & AI to solve local & global challenges: Launch of the Data to Policy Network

Data holds the key to achieving the SDGs and tackling global challenges such as climate change and public health. But how can we get from theory to practice and enable policymakers to better use data and AI to address local and global policy challenges?

Together with UNDP and the UN Office of South-South Cooperation, BMZ has launched the Data to Policy Network. Expressed by Iliya Nickelt, Chief Data Scientist at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, in his opening remarks:

“This Network will create a collaborative atmosphere encouraging us to explore the benefits of data together. Let’s discover the transformative power of data to propel the SDGs.”

The new Data to Policy Network is already bringing together 52 policymakers from across the globe.
Through learning sessions, open houses and hands-on workshops, different priorities will be tackled, such as Gender Data, Building Data Capacities, Data Ethics and Privacy and Data & AI.

Does this opportunity sound relevant to you? Policymakers from the digital.global network are invited to join the Network. You can sign up to be informed about the next learning session.

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