• 21/05/2024

Launch of new report: “Mitigating the Risks of Political Microtargeting”

With more people heading to the polls than ever before in the 2024 super election year, global democracy is under increasing pressure due to a drastic increase in disinformation and rising political polarization. Against this backdrop, our new report Mitigating the Risks of Political Microtargeting – Guidance for Policymakers, Civil Society, and Development Cooperation provides an overview of the risks of political microtargeting (PMT) – tailored political advertising online. The report analyzes context-specific factors and case studies from the Global South and provides a detailed overview of different courses of action as well as concrete recommendations for policy makers, civil society and international development cooperation. The report is the result of a working group of the “Information Integrity” cohort as part of the “Summit for Democracy” process and has been produced by GIZ together with numerous non-governmental organizations from various regions of the world.


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