• 11/01/2024
  • 14:00 - 16:45 CET
  • Online

Competition Policy and the Gig Economy

© Atul Loke / Panos

The GIZ Gig Economy Initiative in partnership with the Vidhi Policy Centre present a Book Addas Session on Competition Policy in the Digital Age.

In India, the rights of gig economy workers are primarily governed under labour laws rather than competition laws. GIZ and Vidhi aim to initiate a conversation on the potential and role of Indian competition law and policy in strengthening fair bargaining powers for gig workers in their interactions with Big Tech.
Dr. Jonathan B. Baker’s ‘The Antitrust Paradigm: Restoring a Competitive Economy.’ will open the conversation on this topic. This book provides a comprehensive overview of Big Tech’s market power and its implications on the ecosystem, including suppliers and workers.


  • Vellah Kigwiru
  • Jonathan Baker
  • Amber Darr
  • Ujjwal Kumar
  • Manjushree RM

Join the session to delve into the intricate dynamics and explore ways to ensure a more balanced and equitable environment for gig workers.

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