Mixed e-learning formats – with and without internet connection

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Education is the key to escaping poverty and participating in the labour market. Certified training opportunities are important for learning skills outside of school and preparing for a job. However, these opportunities are limited in Niger: There is a lack of skills in using computers to take advantage of digital learning opportunities in self-learning mode. In addition, there are insufficient or even no internet connections at all.


Together with local experts, digital courses are developed with a pedagogical approach that addresses individual needs. These courses can be made available to a wide range of learners via digital learning platforms such as atingi. To meet the challenge of insufficient or no internet connections, there are fixed servers on which the courses are uploaded as well as mobile servers, so called Datacups. This ensures permanent access to courses. There are mixed learning formats so that learners can also be trained in the use of technology themselves. Through this so-called blended learning, trainers offer technical expertise in line with the courses and another trainer with digital methodological expertise supports learners in using hardware and software.

Recommendation for implementation:

  • Concept: Creation of learning content via a course concept
  • Design: Creation of a pedagogical course design based on PowerPoint
  • Adaptation: Technical conversion into platform compatible atingi course formats
  • Equipment: Procurement of offline servers for content hosting, computers for trainings
  • Test run: Piloting with small groups to identify hurdles
  • Official session: Delivery of learning units
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