Fighting climate change with innovative start-up solutions

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  • Benin
  • Cameroon
  • Niger


  • Digital Economy
  • Green Digital Transformation
  • Innovation Promotion

Melting glaciers, long periods of drought or devastating floods: climate change is transforming the world. Digital solutions can help people around the world to adapt to the changing conditions. Local start-ups can make a valuable contribution here by developing innovative technologies that are tailored to country-specific requirements. To support start-ups in providing digital solutions to combat climate change, the Digital Transformation Centers (DTCs) Benin, Cameroon and Niger have implemented the GIZ Accelerator Program for Climate Change Innovations. The accelerator program seeks early-stage companies that offer innovative and impactful technology-based solutions to combat or minimize the negative effects of climate change.

Thematical focus:

The program is open to start-ups using and leveraging digital technologies directly in their solution or in their operations in the following fields:

  • Water and soil management for agriculture and agritech solutions for farmersto deal with the consequences of climate change (for example weather forecasting services/alerts)
  • Access to essential services such as health, sanitation and/or hygiene services
  • Clean energysuch as solar or bio gas energy for private or business use, digital solutions enabling access to energy in the most remote areas
  • Last-mile distribution of essential goods and services like energy, water and health
  • Protection of biodiversity and natural resources
  • Access to markets for agricultural goods, transport solutions, farming as a service for large buyers
  • Air, land and water pollution due to transportation, wood-burning, garbage burning, indoors fuel or wood stoves, but also plastic and e-waste pollution

The program is open to registered climate-focused technology start-ups that should be more advanced than the idea stage and able to demonstrate at least a proof of concept, a prototype and first traction in the market.

What the program offers:

Atfer a nees assessment, the seleted early-stage companies receive tailor-made technical support by in-country partners. Benefits of the program include:

  • Mentorship and technical project support
  • Learning best practices from business expertsto grow their business and their team
  • Exposure to corporate partners and investorsto attract potential business opportunities and investments
  • Collaboration with the in-country Digital Transformation Centerto help the founders further grow their business and scale at local and regional levels
  • Pitch event in which the finalists of the program have the opportunity to present their business to a high-level audience
  • Networking with local and regional start-up founders
  • Grant funding

It is recommendable to implement such a program with external partners to coordinate the selection process.