A web-based platform as public servant’s request portal

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  • Rwanda


  • Digital Government

More than 465,000 people work in the public service in Rwanda, serving 13 million citizens daily. Public service employees need various service requests to operate in their day-to-day work and for their well-being. This includes leave requests, job movement, reallocation, family benefits, and other work-related personal requests sent to the Rwandan government’s personnel administration,called the Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA). Most of these requests are made manually via email, written mail or physical forms deposited with the central secretariat of MIFOTRA. This process is tedious and needs more visibility upstream to track the process of the requests and inform the servants in real time of the progress of their requests. 

As a solution to this effort, a responsive web-based platform that also works by phone has been developed so that staff can now submit their applications without leaving their desks. As many public service employees may need continuous access to the internet or a smartphone, the platform supports real-time status updates via SMS. All public servants can lodge requests, track them, and get their request status in real-time with zero-trips-zero-paper involved.