The “Principles for Digital Development” (use open standards, open data, open source, and open innovation and address privacy and security, among others) are guidelines to help digital technologies have a sustainable impact in development programmes.

The “Principles for Digital Development” are continuously developed based on the practical experiences of a range of international implementing organisation and provide orientation for project execution.

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The Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development wants to establish a successful, efficient and effective digital development cooperation. To acknowledge adherence to the guidelines for planning and implementing effective digital approaches, the government implementing organisations KfW and GIZ, among others, signed the commitment to the Principles for Digital Development of the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL). The recognition of the digital principles is an important step towards establishing the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development as an innovative partner for digital solutions in the development cooperation. Based on the broad empirical knowledge of international development partners, the principles also help minimise significant risks in the use of digital technologies.