Larissa’s shortcut in the jungle of administration: Digital registration certificate for faster results

Larissa Magalhães is driving forward the digitalisation of government services in Brazil and is developing an online platform that enables access to important documents.
Eine Frau mit einem Headset sitzt vor einem Notebook, auf dem eine Videokonferenz stattfindet.

Larissa Magalhães is a research assistant at the United Nations University in Guimarães, Portugal, and is working to make the digital transformation for the service of people – for example, to simplify everyday life with the authorities. Larissa brought a practical problem with her from her home country of Brazil: anyone who wants to apply for a driving licence or a birth certificate there, for example, has to present a registration certificate with an address to Brazilian authorities. However, many Brazilians do not have this certificate because they do not have the necessary documents.

To solve such problems, selected female candidates were invited to develop government services as part of the “Women in GovTech” challenge – with success: as one of 139 women from five continents, Larissa received active support from mentors from the tech industry and is now working with her team to make the government service she presented more user-friendly. The result should be an online service that confirms the address, which is based on building blocks of GovStack and can be integrated by the authorities into their IT environment.

For Larissa, the most exciting thing about the GovStack approach is the scope of its applicability: once Larissa’s platform for digital government service is ready, it can be used not only in Brazil – but in principle in any authority worldwide. And it could save many people around the world a lot of administrative procedures.  

What I like most about my work is the challenge and daily commitment to supporting policymakers, decision-makers, researchers, and the community interested in digitally transforming the public sector through teaching and research in data and emerging technologies focused on the citizen.

Larissa Magalhães