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Brave new (working) world? Cowan Koduk fights for equality in Kenya’s gig economy

Cowan Koduk from Nairobi uses digital labour platforms for her jobs and actively campaigns against discrimination against women in the gig economy.

Cowan Koduk from Nairobi finds her jobs (“gigs”) by clicking on digital labour platforms. Cowan is concerned about one issue: discrimination in the job market against women in Kenya, which is also widespread on digital platforms. Cowan has therefore informed herself about the rights and in-demand skills for digital workers and taken several online courses on navigating the gig economy, gender equality and gender-based violence – on atingi, the BMZ’s digital learning platform. She took these courses as part of a six-week mentorship programme for female gig workers organised by the gig economy initiative.

The aim of this mentorship was to inform on fair working conditions and recognise various forms of discrimination in the online job market  against women in the world of work and to educate those affected. She has since shared her knowledge with other women workers via social media. She has initiated many discussions online and offline and reached thousands of like-minded people with her posts. Benefitting from the masterclasses offered during the mentorship programme, she now also works as a marketing and communications consultant for gender equality. As one of 150 women participants in the gig workers mentorship training, she has also become part of a peer community that advises other women on issues such as online safety and fair wages, contracts and upskilling for growing in and out of platform work.

  1. As one of 150 participants in the mentorship programme for gig workers, Cowan Koduk has become part of a peer community that advises other women on topics such as online safety, fair wages, contracts and further training.

atingi at SDG Digital – Cowan Koduk’s sucess story

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