3D printer & open source: Producing hand prostheses in the FabLab

The BMZ co-funded Orange Digital Center (ODC) in Freetown, Sierra Leone, steps up in its capacities. The Fabrication Lab (FabLab) implemented a training on how to produce 3D-printed hand prostheses based on open-source designs. The activities are supported by e-Nable and Bintumani e.V. Low-cost prostheses are in high demand in Sierra Leone as many of the country’s low-income population suffered amputations at the height of a decade-long civil war. The FabLab now started producing individual hand prostheses locally, which is unique to the country. The whole process begins with the identification of patients and ends with the hand-over and training on how to use the prosthesis. A new, interdisciplinary health group coordinates relevant activities and ensures the sustainable implementation of the project.

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