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Discovering a new path: Efo’s journey with DFS Africa

When Efo Korku Mawutor embarked on his journey with the Digital Film School Africa (DFS Africa), little did he know that he was about to unlock a world of opportunity. Efo has been working as a journalist and was looking for an opportunity for hands-on training in compelling and entertaining audio-visual storytelling. It was in this pursuit that he found DFS Africa, a programme that would change the course of his career.

The programme started in January 2023 and Efo wasn’t sure what to expect when he first set foot into the YMCA Ghana to commence his training together with 59 other students. All of them nervous as well as excited to join one of the three offered training paths in Documentary Film, Screenwriting and Creative Producing.

Efo’s decision to enrol in the DFS programme at the YMCA Ghana was driven by its emphasis on practical training, which complemented his storytelling competency. Furthermore, the self-paced exercises allowed him to balance his work commitments with his studies. The programme design gave him the flexibility to learn at his own pace, at his preferred time, and in a location of his choosing.

“Truth be told, I didn’t know how interesting and interactive an online class could be until I enrolled in the DFS Africa training.”

– Efo Korku Mawutor
Facilitating effective online learning to transform careers

While digital learning is becoming more popular, it’s not something all students are familiar with. It is also not necessarily the perfect fit for a practical, hands-on subject like filmmaking.

The solution for this challenge was to offer the programme as facilitated courses, with a blend of in-person and online instruction. That way the trainers were able to foster interactive and collaborative learning and assist students in navigating the digital learning landscape. Providing support throughout helped to ensure that all participants were equipped with the necessary skills to excel in the programme and to optimize their online training experience.

Over the span of six months, the students gained fundamental knowledge in filmmaking and were brought together towards the end of the semester to collaboratively produce their own short films in smaller groups.

For Efo the programme was an immense success and his experience is a testament to the transformative power of DFS Africa.

“Just a week before the end of the programme, I secured a job as a Multimedia Producer for a consulting firm specializing in documentaries for international media houses and clients. I now earn a living from what I love, leading a fulfilling life. I never thought it was possible, but DFS Africa has made it a reality. My journey can only get better from here.”

– Efo Korku Mawutor

About the programme

Digital Film School Africa (DFS Africa) – Ghana’s first digital film school – is the result of a collaborative effort between YMCA Ghana and African University College of Communications (AUCC), in partnership with the non-profit organisation WELTFILME e.V. and supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The objective of DFS Africa is to make filmmaking education more accessible. The few film schools located on the African continent are usually found in big cities, and their programmes are often prohibitively expensive. DFS Africa aims to address these challenges by offering a comprehensive course programme for young filmmakers across Africa, delivered digitally on the online learning platform atingi.

The first programme offered courses at YMCA Ghana and AUCC in Screenwriting, Creative Producing, and Documentary Film. DFS Africa is committed to expanding its offerings, with plans to provide professional accreditation in all areas of filmmaking. It is now developing new courses in Cinematography, Editing and Sound. For the next phase the team is also looking into developing courses in Directing, Art Direction and Advanced Postproduction.

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