Burkina Faso: Why data collection workshops alone are not enough

The Development Impact Evaluation Department (DIME), as part of the World Bank, promotes the global adoption of computer-assisted data collection. The data thus obtained can be used primarily by governments to make informed and effective decisions. However, digital data collection is not yet established in many developing countries, including Burkina Faso.  

Therefore, DIME organised a workshop to teach 26 participants from the Burkinabe government how to collect data digitally in the future. The course included an overview of available survey techniques, basic programming, how to use electronic surveys and how to ensure data quality in the process.  

Three months after the workshop, however, it turns out that only two of the participants used what they have learned in their daily work, although there is still a large interest in the new methods. The World Bank concludes that overwhelming choices, high costs, lack of capacity and language barriers are limiting local electronic data collection and thus need to be targeted.  

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