Country Implementation

DIPC aims to achieve full digital support for vaccine logistics processes in existing national immunization and pandemic prevention programs following the WHO SMART Guidelines. In each country we work with the representative political counterpart and one of the implementing institutions per country. With these co-operations DIPC realises the following activities:

  • Map the national digital health ecosystems 
  • Decide on priority gaps in software landscape 
  • Scale and integrate software 
  • Develop costed plans and engage governments 
  • Localize WHO SMART Guidelines 

What are the WHO SMART Guidelines?

WHO SMART Guidelines offer a five-step approach to promote the adoption of superior clinical and data practices, even in cases where a country hasn’t fully embraced digital technology. The five levels of the approach stand for “standards-based, machine-readable, adaptive, requirements-based and testable”. The guidelines as such form a comprehensive collection of reusable digital solutions for healthcare systems that are intended to facilitate and transform the adaptation and implementation of overarching standards.