Capacity Building

DIPC aims to strengthen the capacity of local technical staff to implement, locally adapt and use digital health systems for immunization. We are working together with the Regenstrief Institute along with the OpenHIE Community to create an open-source course that addresses the specific and currently unmet needs of those working in digital health. 

Our focus encompasses a dual approach to needs assessment both globally and within specific countries. On a global scale, our commitment extends to the development of high-quality digital courses and the establishment of a community of practice dedicated to supporting Global Product Suites. At the national level, we undertake needs-based assessments, allowing us to meticulously tailor training programs that align with identified requirementsTo foster inclusivity and empowerment, we will organize a hackathon specifically designed for young women. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training for the implementation of WHO SMART Guidelines. Finally, to ensure accessibility and widespread dissemination of knowledge, all training modules developed under Component 3 will be made freely and widely available on the Atingi platform, thereby enabling individuals worldwide to access the resources necessary for positive impact and community development.