Cambodia is currently undergoing a digital transformation, with the government and private sector investing in the development of digital infrastructure and services. This includes the expansion of broadband internet access and the creation of digital platforms and services such as e-commerce and online government services. The government has also launched initiatives to promote digital literacy and skills development, to ensure that the population is able to fully participate in the digital economy. Digital technologies have and continue to have at an accelerated speed a major impact on the way businesses operate. It opened new opportunities for entrepreneurs to start and grow their own digital enterprises. Using e-commerce platforms, digital marketing, and digital tools for internal operations, Cambodian businesses learn how they can increase their reach, improve efficiency, and enhance their customers’ experience.

Additionally, the emergence of digital technologies has also opened new opportunities for digital entrepreneurship in areas such as app development, software development, and digital consulting, as well as the gig economy and the sharing economy. As the development and utilization of digital technologies continue to thrive in Cambodia, it is likely that new digital business models and opportunities will continue to emerge, further transforming the Cambodian business landscape.

Our approach

Despite increasing efforts and a higher political focus on digital transformation, a number of gaps remain present. The Digital Transformation Center Cambodia follows a holistic multi-stakeholder approach and focusses its activities on three priority areas:

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