Goal 3: Equal opportunities

Digitalisation is an historic opportunity for overcoming inequalities. We will primarily use digital solutions to enable greater “education for all” in developing countries as well as better access to health services. A particular focus is on giving disadvantaged groups better access to the new opportunities.

How will this be supported?

Digitalisation can be used to expand educational opportunities and adapt them to the specific user as required. This applies for specific courses for university graduates as well as opportunities for users in rural areas in local languages and with localised content. This will particularly allow disadvantaged groups access to education. We will expand various training programmes to reach more teachers, apprentices and students online. For example, our flagship project “Africa Cloud” uses innovative digital educational and learning opportunities to qualify African users for the jobs of the future.

We promote digital skills in conjunction with the private sector by expanding our vocational training projects to digital job profiles and programming courses. For example, we work together with the private sector to support Africa Code Week in which young people are taught initial programming skills. A particular focus is on encouraging women and girls, who currently have less access to the internet than men and often do not have the requisite digital skills. We are expanding successful cooperation activities with the private sector, specifically investing in digital skills and offering courses for online trade as well as programming courses for women and girls.

Digital solutions improve the quality of medical processes and allow health services, such as prevention, diagnostics and treatment, to be expanded. Telemedicine can improve health care in rural and inaccessible regions. The introduction of a digital early warning system to monitor epidemics and control the probabilities of an outbreak allow risks to be calculated in real time. This informs authorities of potential hotspots so that they can respond in good time.



Our political initiative “atingi”, with its digital learning platform atingi.org, offers people in the partner countries of German development cooperation exactly those knowledge modules, orientation offers, and learning materials that are needed locally and that fit the economic and cultural needs. Digital learning with atingi gives young people the opportunity to make full use of their potential, acquire new skills and decisively improve their chances on the local labour market.