Customised digital strategies for companies in Cambodia thanks to DigiCheck

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Digitalisation is changing the economy worldwide at a rapid pace. Cambodia, with its burgeoning economy, is no exception. But for many businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in rural areas, investing in comprehensive digital assessments can be financially burden.  

DigiCheck is an online self-assessment tool to evaluate the digital readiness of a company – cost-efficient and tested by several focus groups.

The tool was developed in cooperation with the ICONE programme (Increased Competitiveness of National Enterprises) of GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) and the Cambodia Academy of Digital Technology. It takes into account the six most important factors for assessing a company’s digital capabilities. These include digital strategy, digital processes, data and customers, digital culture, digital product and service innovation and general information about the company. 

The results show interesting comparisons with other companies and provide an overall score for each category. The insights of DigiCheck are used to provide customized training programs to address specific areas where businesses may lack digital skills but also to inform decision-makers on digital trends and needs. These programs can be tailored to different industries and business sizes. To ensure that DigiCheck remains relevant, the tool is updated on a regular basis evolving digital trends. 

DigiCheck stands as a catalyst for digital empowerment in Cambodia, offering a practical and accessible means for businesses to navigate the complexities of their digital landscape. By embracing this tool and implementing the recommended strategies, Cambodia’s business community can pave the way for sustainable growth, innovation, and global competitiveness in the digital age.