Strengthening E-Learning and Digital Library Services through National Research and Education Networks


  • Kosovo


  • Digital Skills

The learning of the future is digital: e-learning platforms and digital library services make it possible for knowledge to be accessible at any time and from any place. To ensure that digital education does not fail due to inadequate internet infrastructure, National Research and Education Networks (NREN) offer high-quality network connections and services for research, education and innovation communities in individual countries.

This way universities, schools but potentially also museums, libraries and various other public institutions can be supported. Selected services may further be accessible to and used by other organizations, for example from the private sector with its business member organizations (BMOs).

Among the typical services and applications of NRENs are shared e-learning platforms and other electronic services related to educational purposes, for example educational data mining and analytics, learning analytics, digital assessment and testing, anti-plagiarism tools, as well as the integration of and access to digital libraries and archived content.

The Kosovo Research and Education Network (KREN) shows that e-learning platforms and digital library and archiving services are a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the commercial offer due to the leverage of collective purchasing power.

NRENs in partner countries may lack capacities to develop services effectively and can benefit greatly from experience exchanges with international counterparts, for example through the GÉANT network.