COVID-19 update on governmental website

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In the case of pandemics like COVID-19, citizens often do not know where to find crucial information to keep safe and stick to government regulations. A large number of sites are available in different qualities risking false information, stirring up panic, and putting user data at risk. In order to fight the pandemic, the government of Rwanda informs its citizens about taken measures and the number of cases in an efficient and secure manner. The solution offers a platform where information can easily be gathered and shared avoiding fake news. It is available on 

Furthermore, it comes in different languages which is especially important in Rwanda,  where multiple languages are spoken. 

Regarding COVID-19, the site includes daily information on the outbreak, preventative measures, reports of COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and answers to FAQs surrounding COVID-19. 

Transparency towards citizens and access to citizen services online are important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when movement is restricted. This government platform combines not only an update page about COVID-19 but also includes online services like business registrations, tax payment, and immigration services. This contributes to strong governmental institutions and the fight against corruption.