Community building for digital entrepreneurs

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Until 2022, a structured platform in Benin allowing  all actors of the digital ecosystem – regardless of their seniority, industry and position – to network and exchange ideas with peers in a regular and organised manner did not exist. This contributed to a lack of synergies and limited networking opportunities within the sector – despite a developing digital ecosystem.

To address and close this gap and in collaboration with a local partner, the Digital Transformation Center Benin launched a network for digital entrepreneurs. Over a period of ten months and through various formats (afterworks, lunches, thematic meetings, meet-and-greets), the platform served as a hub for exchanging information, encouraging networking and facilitating outreach activities on topics relevant for digital entrepreneurs. A WhatsApp group created for this purpose allowed for exchanges beyond the various events.

The network for digital entrepreneurs was later merged with the newly created community Tech 229 which will build on the experience of the Digital Transformation Center and ensure the continuation of activities.


  • Focus on the creation of the community as the main objective of the activity, with an event series that only serves as a means for it.
  • Identify the leaders who will drive the project during the initial set-up and beyond GIZ support.
  • Involve as many stakeholders as possible who serve as promotors, multipliers and event/activity partners.
  • Pay attention to inclusiveness and accessibility regarding the event series (online transmission, event organisation outside urban innovation hubs, activities with a focus on gender, mobility etc.).
  • Create sub-groups/chapters in the community for specific needs (per location, expertise, field of interest etc.).