How the GOV.RW project revolutionizes access to information for Rwandan citizens

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With Rwanda accelerating digitalisation efforts to meet the targets of the “Smart Rwanda Master Plan”, government institutions have all built their own websites as a source of information for citizens. As a result, over 300 government websites were created in different implementations, hosted in different domains and with various sets of information depending on their content sources. 

The project has harmonised and streamlined 300 government websites with one template for ministries, one for districts, one for embassies, etc. In doing so, the project has revolutionised how the government provides information to citizens ensuring security, ease of access, integration of assistive technologies for web accessibility, and language modules. 

To meet the targets of the “Smart Rwanda Master Plan”, which among other things, aims to simplify access to information for the Rwandan population, the Rwandan government has created websites for its various institutions. A revolution in information access: more than 500 websites from government institutions can now be accessed in different implementations and under different domains. developed the website templates for ministries, embassies and districts to provide Rwandan citizens with secure and barrier-free access to government information by integrating assistive technologies and providing language modules.