[digital.global] launch

Kick-off event for the strategic realignment of BMZ’s digital policy

December 1, 2022

In its national digital strategy, the German government has decided to present a strategy for an international digital policy for the first time.

For Germany and the EU, the implementation of a socio-ecological-feminist transformation of global economic systems toward resilient structures, which is essential in the global competition of systems in the face of the turning point of time, can only succeed if we continue to support our partners in the global South in sustainably transforming themselves digitally in the fight against hunger and poverty, pandemics, climate change and discrimination against women.

Minister Svenja Schulze therefore invited a broad network of international partners from the digital scene and ICT sector to the kick-off event for the strategic realignment of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development’s (BMZ) digital policy.

Over 300 selected representatives from the digital scene, ICT sector, science, civil society and politics attended the event as an audience. Virtually, a very large circle of all relevant networks of the BMZ (Make IT Alliance, digilab, SPTA, participants of the transformation forums, etc.) was invited.

After the actual event and the launch of the network, participants had the opportunity to engage in conversation with the BMZ, the keynote speakers and the other participants about the BMZ’s digital reorientation in the context of four Open Spaces on the leadership priorities (Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, poverty and hunger, Just Transition and feminist development policy).

Find out more about the newly launched [digital.global] network and how it is joining forces with a broad network, which already counts well over 100 actors from policy making, the (digital) economy, civil society and the academic and scientific communities in Germany, the partner countries and the multilateral system of partners of BMZ, to shape a global digital transformation that is aligned with social, environment and feminist principles.

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The event in pictures

Image 1/13: Stefan Wintels (KfW), Federal Minister Svenja Schulze (BMZ) und Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (GIZ) (LTR) announce the new Network for Digital Transformation in Development Cooperation.
Image 2/13: Federal Minister Svenja Schulze (BMZ) and Doreen Bogdan-Martin (ITU) announce the "EQUALS Global Partnership" to bridge the gender digital divide.
Image 3/13: Dirk Meyer (BMZ) during his keynote.
Image 4/13: Over 300 invited participants joined the event on site.
Image 5/13: Maksym Shkilov (Ukraine), Federal Minister Svenja Schulze (BMZ), Nele Leosk (Estonia) and Valerya Ionan (Ukraine) (LTR) annoince a Joint Memorandum of Understanding for the cooperation in the GovStack initiative between BMZ, Estonia and Ukraine.
Image 6/13: Dr. Bärbel Kofler (BMZ) during her keynote.
Image 7/13: Prof. Dr. Mark Graham (left, Fairwork Foundation) and Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (right, GIZ) are looking forward to further promote fairness in the platform economy.
Image 8/13: Robert Opp during his keynote.
Image 9/13: Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel during her presentation on Twin Transition.
Image 10/13: Marjeta Jager (EU) during the panel about African-European cooperation on data governance.
Image 11/13: Lacina Koné (Smart Africa), Federal Minister Svenja Schulze (BMZ) and Dr. Bärbel Kofler (BMZ) sign the Joint Statement for a strategic cooperation between BMZ and Smart Africa.
Image 12/13: A hybrid panel discussion about Fair and inclusive data economy with Maimouna Aminata Diagne (Senegal), Katie Gallus (Host), Paula Ingabire (Ruanda), Alice Munyua (Mozilla), Seynabou Nakoulima (Orange) (LTR)
Image 13/13: In the Open Spaces there were lively discussions around the topics of Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences, poverty and hunger, Just Transition / Twin Transition and Feminist Development Policy.


You can watch the recording of the [digital.global] launch from December 1, 2022 here.

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    • Katie Gallus (Host)
    • BMin Svenja Schulze (BMZ)
    • Doreen Bogdan-Martin (ITU)
    • Thorsten Schäfer-Gümbel (GIZ)
    • Stefan Wintels (KfW)